Saint Peter

Virtual Tour

Illustrating and explaining a place of exceptional historical and artistic value has always posed a challenge for art and literature.

Many monuments have been observed with close attention and interest since their creation. One of these is St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, which has maintained a key role thanks to the many values the place of worship embodies: an example of architecture at its finest, a museum with exceptional paintings, sculpture, decorative elements, and last but not least, high expression for symbolic and religious meanings for Christians the world over.


Visitors and readers of this multimedia guide will have the chance not only to find out about the history of the Basilica, but to step right into the dimension where the artistic creations come to life.

“St. Peter‘s Virtual Tour” is designed to allow anyone, however far they are from Rome, to visit the Basilica and admire this immense, enchanting creation of artistic genius, within which the history of Rome and indeed the world has been shaped.

Approach the artworks, admire the mosaics, go down under the Papal Altar to take a close look at the tomb of St. Peter, like no visitor has ever done.


You can choose your route, admire THE ARTWORKS at close quarters and listen to the audio comment from an ART HISTORIAN.

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