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The founding members participated as technical advances occurred during the end of the 80’s and the beginning of the 90’s in the multimedia field with Grolier Inc. and Grolier-Hachette International.  This experience gave the founding members a background which permitted them to found GOLD INTERACTIVE srl, a publishing company that entered the electronic publishing market in 1996 with a series of products covering three main sectors: sport, museum arts and art as a religious representation.

GOLD INTERACTIVE tackles a very broad spectrum of subjects directed at “universes”, each very different to the other, yet they have much in common as they all represent a noble expression of human activity; these have been met with success as a result of highly prestigious editorial choices.

Overcoming the diffusion of out-line multimedia content and the evolution of technologies see us engaged in new challenges.

The Vatican Basilica Virtual

App Mobile

Approach the artworks, admire the mosaics, go down under the Papal Altar to take a close look at the tomb of St. Peter, like no visitor has ever done.

You can choose your route, admire THE ARTWORKS at close quarters and listen to the audio comment from an ART HISTORIAN.

Guide to St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican


Contains maps of the Basilica arranged in geographical areas with all images of the works of art.

You can use the guide inside the Basilica or outside, wherever you are.


APP activation code for smartphones and tablets inside.

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